Why Love Begets Hate

Feb 11, 2022 Love, US Blog

Why Love Begets Hate

If there is one thing believers in Jesus should be known for, it is Love. They are to serve one another in Love, love their neighbors as themselves, live a life of Love, and love with actions and in truth.

‘True Love’ is sacrificial action and selfless generosity displayed both in speech and in actions.*

So, if Jesus and His followers are all about love, why do some people love to hate them ? Why are there, according to one estimate, 200 million persecuted believers in the world today ?

Jesus told us why. He said to His disciples, “Everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed”.

Jesus is the Light. When He walked this earth, people hated Him because He exposed the darkness of their sin. We are now His light in this world; therefore, the world will also hate us. Our task is to be channels of God’s love and light, even if we are hated in return. – Dave Branon_

Some will hate you, some will love you; some will flatter, some will slight. Cease from man, and look above you, Trust in God and do the right -Macleod “Love in return for love is natural, but love in return for hate is supernatural.”

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