What is genuine repentance?

Apr 25, 2021 Repentance, US Blog

*Genuine Repentance*

What is repentance ? And how do we know when it is genuine ? A man who came to see me said he felt so much guilt before he was saved that he couldn’t eat for days. Because he knew that I had not gone through such an intense period of grief, he said he didn’t think I had truly repented.

Another man wept when he told me that his wife had left him because of his drinking and infidelity. He tearfully professed faith in Jesus and vowed to be done with his sinful lifestyle. But when his wife returned, he soon went back to his old ways.

In a similar situation, a man confessed with little emotion what a terrible sinner he was. He admitted his need for grace and received Christ. That was the end of his old lifestyle. Which of these men genuinely repented ?

Paul said godly sorrow for sin leads to salvation and a new life, whereas the sorrow of the world — merely feeling bad about sin’s consequences_ — leaves a person unchanged and leads to death.

True repentance doesn’t mean we never sin again. But if we admit that we are helpless sinners, if we believe that Jesus died for our sins, if we are trusting Him for salvation, and *if we have a deep desire to live for Him, our repentance is genuine*.

We have been forgiven. – Herbert Vander Lugt. True repentance leaves the sin That we had loved before,_With firm resolve to turn from it And yield to it no more.-Anon. *God’s discipline is designed to make us like His Son.*

*Stay Blessed My Friend*

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