What Gay Activists Refuse To Understand

Apr 6, 2022 Gay Activists, US Blog

Why do they hate us? It is from love that we proclaim the good news that Jesus Christ can set the captive free. It is from our own experience, as ex-gays, that we shout from the housetops that anyone who wants to repent of their sin can be forgiven and healed from those things that have been destroying their lives.

No one is forcing anyone to do anything! No one in the healing ministry or even in secular therapy is giving lobotomies or shock therapy to homosexuals or imprisoning them in conversion camps.

Those ideas are pure fiction invented by gay activists, who perhaps are subconsciously afraid that they might be living a lie. So they publicly employ scare tactics in order to hide from their own fears and to justify their ill-advised decision to remain as they are.

They certainly have the right to remain as they are, but they do not have the right to misrepresent and slander an entire group of individuals who only want to share the good news that has set them free from what is, overall, a very lonely and dangerous life.

Neither do such activists have the right to misrepresent the positive value of reparative therapy and Christian ministry for those who wish to leave the gay lifestyle, not only for the sake of their own emotional health, but for some, in order to respond to the call of Jesus to follow the moral teachings of Holy Scripture.

According to 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, people were leaving the gay lifestyle 2,000 years ago in order to follow Christ. By now, ex-gays must number in the millions! I’m just one person out of 7 billion, and I have met thousands of them just in the last 30 years.

Why don’t gay activists want you to know that people can be healed of the traumas that created their broken impulses? Why do they rail against anyone who would point out such a thing, much less assail those who have experienced God’s readily available release from sin and brokenness?

Though it is common to find experiences of being bullied in the personal history of homosexuals, in our day, many of the bullied have become the bullies.

From the very beginning of research in the matter, science has unequivocally shown that the gay lifestyle is dangerous for those who practice it and that it is developmental in its cause rather than genetically determined.

After spending tens of millions of dollars trying to prove that gays are born that way, there remains zero evidence that such a claim is true and mountains of anecdotal (which is admissible in a court of law) and clinical evidence that it is the result of trauma, neglect, abuse and/or a host of other contributing causes.

Life expectancy among homosexuals is dramatically lower than the rest of the population, even in the areas of the world where homosexuality is the most accepted and celebrated.

They have significantly higher suicide rates, domestic violence rates, substance abuse rates, depression and other mental health issues and an extremely high incidence of disease and other medical problems.

In fact, an entire cottage industry has arisen in the medical field to address the plethora of diseases that have resulted from gay sexual practices, many of which are so perverse and damaging that they cannot even be named here.

Why would gay activists profess that homosexuals are just as happy and healthy as the rest of the population when such claims have been proven to be patently false by the world’s top experts in the fields of medicine (especially urology and proctology), biology, genetics, theology, psychology and sociology?

Even more puzzling, why do they try to shut the mouths of anyone who would point out that their emperor has no clothes? Don’t they care about their own population? Why do they lie to legislators and try to outlaw freedom of speech and religion for those who are honestly and lovingly trying to help them? It seems very much like the injured dog that snaps at those who are trying to help it.

For decades, gay activists have deliberately misrepresented therapy and ministry that has been designed to help those who wish to leave the gay lifestyle. In their effort to get judges and legislators to outlaw such aid, they have repeatedly misled lawmakers, professional guilds, theologians and private corporations.

Just one of the dozens of gay activist organizations takes in over $40 million each year, spends $11 million on salaries and a quarter million dollars to pay lobbyists to push their agenda in Congress. All of that is at risk if homosexuals are not born that way, if it becomes known that it is a very unhealthy lifestyle and if homosexuals can be healed of those experiences that helped cause their same-sex attractions.

You can read about California’s latest slate of anti-Christian bills here.

It’s all about the money. It’s all about the power. It’s all about very broken people lashing out against anyone who gets in their way.

Activists are taking advantage of the generous and honest impulses of people who want to do the right thing for those who struggle with homosexuality. They have become professionals at playing the victim, knowing that such well-intended people will always side with someone who has been a victim.

It’s called “emotional manipulation” and has been a well-known, published strategy of gay activism since the 1950s. But it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain this victim façade in the face of attempts to summarily silence anyone who speaks the truth in love to this very broken population.

Recently, activists have attempted to persuade California (La La Land) legislators to outlaw all professional therapy and ministry to homosexuals that is designed to help them find healing for their brokenness—erroneously referring to such help as “fraudulent schemes.”

This law would apply not only to therapists but also to ministers of the Gospel, as well as to any attempt to help the struggling homosexual via the media.

Already, California legislators have outlawed such help for minors. A mother whose child is threatening suicide as a result of sexual abuse by a homosexual, for example, cannot get help for resulting homosexual attractions. Children injured in this way, of their own volition, cannot even get help, even with the consent of their parents.

Why don’t gay activists want them to get help? Why don’t they want the truth to be known? Why do they want to outlaw freedom of speech and ministry to this very broken population?

As I’ve already mentioned, if it becomes known that homosexuals are not born that way and that their condition is not immutable, then the entire structure of deception that has been built over the years to convince the world that they are just as happy and healthy as everyone else will come crashing down.

If society responds accordingly to the real truth, gay activists will lose the political power, wealth and special rights they have obtained through decades of sophistry.

What is at stake here is the emotional and spiritual health of our children who are being sacrificed on the altar of denial, deception, money, power and political gain.

If you think you are doing the loving thing by supporting gay activism, you are wrong—very, very wrong. In reality, you are harming the very people you are trying to help. It’s time we stopped living in La La Land and did what is right for a change. 

David Kyle Foster is the CEO of Pure Passion Media.

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