We live in this World but we must not let the World live in us!

Mar 5, 2021 Heaven, US Blog

❤️ 🦅 *THE EAGLE* 🦅 ❤️
🌝 The Scottish preacher John McNeill liked to tell about an eagle that had been captured when it was quite young. The farmer who snared the bird put a restraint on it so it couldn’t fly, and then he turned it loose to roam in the barnyard.

It wasn’t long till the eagle began to act like the chickens, scratching and pecking at the ground. This bird that once soared high in the heavens seemed satisfied to live the barnyard life of the lowly hen.

🙇‍♀️ One day the farmer was visited by a shepherd who came down from the mountains where the eagles lived. Seeing the eagle, the shepherd said to the farmer, “What a shame to keep that bird hobbled here in your barnyard! Why don’t you let it go ?”

The farmer agreed, so they cut off the restraint. But the eagle continued to wander around, scratching and pecking as before. The shepherd picked it up and set it on a high stone wall.

For the first time in months, the eagle saw the grand expanse of blue sky and the glowing sun. Then it spread its wings and with a leap soared off into a tremendous spiral flight, up and up and up. At last it was acting like an eagle again.

🙇‍♂️ Perhaps you have let yourself be comfortable in the barnyard of the world — refusing to claim your lofty position as God’s child. *He wants you to live in a higher realm*. Confess and “seek those things which are above.” *You will soon be longing to rise above the mundane things of this world*. Like the eagle, it’s not too late to soar to greater heights again.

– P R Van Gorder
*We live in the world, but we must not let the world live in us*
🎊 *Stay Blessed My Friend* 😊 🌹

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