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Sep 6, 2021 Return, US Blog

Warning Lights

I didn’t think that the hesitation in my car engine and that little yellow “check engine” light on my dashboard really needed my immediate attention.

I sang it away, saying that I would get to it tomorrow. However, the next morning when I turned the key to start my car, it wouldn’t start.

My first reaction was frustration, knowing that this would mean money, time, and inconvenience. My second thought was more of a resolution: I need to pay attention to warning lights that are trying to get my attention — “they can mean something is wrong.”

God used the prophet Joel to encourage His people to “pay attention to the warning light on their spiritual dashboard”. Prosperity had caused them to become complacent and negligent in their commitment to the Lord.

Their faith had degenerated into empty formalism and their lives into moral bankruptcy. So God sent a locust plague to ruin crops in order to get His people’s attention, causing them to change their behavior and turn to Him with their whole heart.

What warning lights are flashing in your life ? What needs to be tuned up or repaired through confession and repentance ? And remember repentance is something that is always to be carried out now. – Marvin Williams

When I tried to cover my sin, my guilt I could not shake; But when I sought Your mercy, Lord, my sin I did forsake. — Hess
“Conviction is God’s warning light.”

Stay Blessed My Friend!

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