Tips the Western Church can glean from Churches in Cuba

Dec 9, 2022 Cuba, US Blog, Western Church

The Holy Spirit is moving in signs, wonders and miracles across Cuba right now and we sat down with Evangelist Blake Lorenz to hear what God is birthing in the country. “It is so powerful it’s like stepping into the book of Acts. Signs and wonders, miracles, people are being saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit and fire,” Lorenz told us.

The people in Cuba are hungry for a genuine move of God and they are praying for the nation to be reignited. The congregations are gathering together in house churches which often grow so quickly they overflow outdoors. Lorenz and his team work with a network of pastors across Cuba to equip, teach and disciple the body of Christ.

While they were ministering to a group of young pastors who were hungry for the gospel, Lorenz says, “the head of the Communist Party walked in, you could have heard a pin drop. He sat there and when I gave the altar call he came forward to receive Christ and he’s living on fire for Jesus still!”

The church is walking out a spirit of boldness and an incredible hunger that has actually shifted the oppression from the government. Last year the Cuban citizens protested in the cities, and the churches have see more freedom since then.

“This is true revival,” Lorenz says as he’s preaching the gospel he barely has to talk for long before the Spirit of the Lord falls on the people and they run to the altar for salvation. The local pastors are going out and knocking on doors and people are falling under the presence of God at their door step and getting saved. Just like the early church, they are adding to their numbers daily, with 20 to 30 people joining the house churches each week.

Tune in to the full interview to hear about the revival they are believing for to break the back of the Communist rule within the country. Let the body of Christ come together to pray and contend for our brothers and sisters in Christ in Cuba.

Lorenz also shares what he believes has unified the country and these practical steps are desperately needed in the Western church to see division healed and the body of Christ come together as one unified bride of Christ. 

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