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Aug 2, 2021 Troopers, US Blog

On Wednesday, July 15th, 2020 while just getting back in the vehicle from lunch Trooper Eric Stingley, H-35 (Scott County) was traveling to the Troop H Substation for a meeting when he noticed something strange.

Just as he turned onto Jimmie Rodgers Parkway off Highway 19 south he noticed a car sitting along side the road with a female running around the vehicle in apparent distress. As he got closer the female began waving down traffic in an attempt to get help from other passing motorist.

Trooper Stingley stopped to check on the situation, once he stepped out of his patrol vehicle he quickly found himself in the middle of a life or death situation.

The female was screaming for help saying her husband was in the passenger seat not breathing. Without hesitation Trooper Stingley ran to the car and noticed the male passenger slumped over and turning blue.

Trooper Stingley immediately got on his hand-held radio and requested an ambulance to be dispatched to his location, shortly thereafter Stingley pulled the unconscious passenger out of the vehicle and began CPR.

During the call for emergency medical help, another nearby Trooper, Senior Staff Sergeant Roy Benamon, H-38 (Lauderdale County) also responded to the scene to assist his fellow Trooper.

Troopers Stingley and Benamon tirelessly preformed CPR while awaiting Metro Ambulance to arrived on scene. Both Troopers working together were able to get a pulse back just before the ambulance pulled up next to them.

Paramedics then took over medical treatment and loaded the male passenger into the ambulance and headed to the emergency room. It is without a doubt that the quick actions and teamwork among these Troopers helped save the man’s life on that Wednesday afternoon.

On behalf of Captain Ivory and the entire staff of MHP Troop H we’d like to recognize these brave Troopers for their amazing efforts which ultimately saved a life. As of today Friday, July 31st, 2020 we understand the male mentioned in this article is alive and doing well thanks to Troopers Stingley and Benamon.

Keep up the good work guys! We know you wouldn’t hesitate to do it all over again in the blink of an eye which gives a whole new true meaning to “protect and serve”.

Your dedication to the agency along with the citizens of the State of Mississippi has not gone unnoticed. Pictured below Left – Right are: Trooper Eric Stingley, H-35 and Senior Staff Sergeant Roy Benamon, H-38. Help us recognize these guys by liking and sharing this post.

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