The Six legged Lamb

May 4, 2021 Lamb, US Blog


When God saves a man, He does more than pardon that sin­ner of his guilt; He also completely erases the old offenses from the “books,” clears the penitent’s name, and bestows upon him the perfect righteousness of the Savior. For that reason believers may justly be called “saints,” for they stand perfect in Christ

Dr. Harry A. Ironside used to tell of an experience he had while he was the guest of a western sheep herder. One morning he saw an old ewe lope across the field followed by the strangest looking lamb he had ever seen.

It apparently had six legs! The last two seemed to be torn from the body and were just dangling there. The shepherd caught the odd lambkin and brought it to Dr. Ironside for examination. Closer inspection showed that the skin from another lamb had been stretched over its body.

The shepherd explained that this little one had been orphaned, and none of the ewes would adopt it. However, a day or two later a rattlesnake killed another young lamb. Its bereaved mother could not be consoled. She also stoutly rejected this orphaned animal when it was offered to her as a substitute.

However, when they skinned her own dead lambkin and draped its wooly coat over the orphaned one, she immediately accepted it, because it smelled right to her. Dr. Ironside was much impressed, and said: “What a beautiful picture of substitutionary atonement.

We too were once orphans — spiritual outcasts — without hope of Heaven. We were not acceptable to God because of our sin. However, the lovely Lamb of God took the sting of the `old serpent’ and died upon the cross for a lost world. Now by receiving Him through faith we are redeemed and made ready for Heaven because His righteousness has been applied to our account.”

Sinner, have you been made acceptable to God “in the Beloved”

God sees my Savior, and then He sees me “In the Beloved,” accepted and free! – C. D. Martin God formed us, sin deformed us, but Christ alone can transform us !

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