Spiritual War Against The Very Soul Of America

Oct 28, 2021 Piritual Warfare

There is a Spiritual Battle going on for the very Soul of America, and we are so divided in this country. It’s not about the DONKEY, it’s not about the ELEPHANT, it’s about the LAMB, and the LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH!!

The BRITISH ruled INDIA by the PRINCIPLE of Divide and Rule. They kept HINDUS fighting the MUSLIMS, and VICE VERSA. Different Ethnic Groups fighting one another.

While they were at each other’s throats they successfully RULED India for over 200 years. Indians were too busy fighting one another, instead of fighting the real enemy! “A House divided against itself cannot stand!”

The same way most people don’t even realize that the TRUE ENEMY is the DEVIL (Satan), and we are in a SPIRITAL BATTLE, that can be won by uniting under the banner of JESUS CHRIST.(One can put a thousand to flight, two can put ten thousand to flight)

Even CHURCHES are so DENOMINATIONALLY divided. I am reminded of AUGUSTINE who said the following:

1. In ESSENTIALS Unity – Deity of JESUS, Infallibility of Scriptures, The TRIUNE GODHEAD Father, Son, Holy Ghost, the Death, Burial, Bodily Resurrection and Ascension of JESUS CHRIST, the Shed BLOOD of Jesus, for the Forgiveness of our sins, the VIRGIN Birth, etc.

2. In NON-ESSENTIALS Liberty – Worship Styles, Minor Doctrinal Differences like Baptism in Jesus Name, or Father, Son, Holy Ghost, Baptism by Sprinkling or Dunking, etc.

3. In EVERYTHING ELSE Charity (Love) – This is not an Exhaustive List, but something to express what I am talking about! We can all have our DENOMINATIONAL Preferences, but not use that to divide the BODY of CHRIST.


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