Seeking The Face Of God can Strengthen Our Faith!

Jul 4, 2021 Face Of God, US Blog

His Wonderful Face

My four-year-old son is full of questions, and chatters constantly. I love talking with him, but he has developed an unfortunate habit of talking to me even when his back is turned. I often find myself saying, “I can’t hear you — please look at me when you’re talking.”

Sometimes I think God wants to say the same thing to us — not because He can’t hear us, but because we can tend to talk to Him without really “looking” at Him.

We pray, but we remain caught up in our own questions and focused on ourselves, forgetting the character of the One we’re praying to. Like my son, we ask questions without paying attention to the person we’re talking to.

“What does it mean to “seek God’s face”? It means we turn our hearts toward Him in even the most mundane moments. Sometimes our prayers are answered differently than our asking, but God is faithful come what may. Our Good Shepherd will direct our paths and keeps us in His mercy, strength, and love.

Many of our concerns are best addressed by reminding ourselves of who God is and what He has done. By simply refocusing, we find comfort in what we know of His character: that He is Loving, Forgiving, Sovereign, Graceful.

When we turn our eyes toward the beautiful face of God, we can find strength and comfort that sustain us even in the midst of unanswered questions.

Lord, let the light of Your face shine upon us.- Compiled “Seeking the face of God can strengthen our faith.”

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