Returning Home After Being A Prisoner

Sep 26, 2021 Prisoner, US Blog

Returning Home

Walter Dixon had five days to honeymoon before he shipped off to the Korean War. Less than a year later, troops found Dixon’s jacket on the battlefield, with letters from his wife stuffed in the pockets. Military officials informed his young wife that her husband had been killed in action.

Actually, Dixon was alive and spent the next 2.5 years as a POW. Every waking hour, he plotted to get home. Dixon escaped five times but was always recaptured. Finally, he was set free. You can imagine the shock when he returned home !

God’s people knew what it was to be captured, moved far away, and to long for home. Due to their rebellion against God, they were exiles. They woke each morning yearning to return, but they had no way to rescue themselves.

Thankfully, God promised He’d not forgotten them. “I will restore them because I have compassion on them”. *He would meet the people’s relentless ache for home, not because of their perseverance, but because of His mercy*: “I will signal for them . . . and they will return”.

Our sense of exile may come because of our bad decisions or because of hardships beyond our control. Either way, God hasn’t forgotten us. He knows our desire and will call to us. *And if we’ll answer, we’ll find ourselves returning to Him — returning home.*

– Winn CollierIn this world of sin and trouble Where so many ills are known, If I shun the ways of evil, I am kept by Him alone.- Smith *God’s presence is a life preserver that keeps the soul from sinking in a sea of trouble.*

*Stay Blessed My Friend*

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