Jesus can set you free from Pornography the Silent Killer

May 7, 2020 Pornograhic, US Blog

The pipe-line from hell to earth which has been let loose to corrupt, pervert and demonize the mind of all people in our end of end time generation has already been planned by Satanic cohort strategists through pornography.

The word ‘porn’ in Greek means ‘to prostitute oneself.’ Just a click of the mouse can lead a person in our times in to the very depths of hell in lust, perversion of sex and immoral thinking through the net.

God is not just concerned about our outward pious religious actions but about what we think all the time. So if you have been tempted by such a self prostituting habit and have given in to its evil force which contaminates your soul and body perversely against the will of God, repent now and be sincere towards God to open up your secret to Him.

If Satan and his demons have pacified you saying that it is OK to see some pornographic pictures once in a while, or that God’s grace is there to let you go free of it consequences, you are fooling yourself.

God has clearly said that if you sow evil in to your mind, soon you will reap the effects of that evil in your personal, professional and family life too, because God cannot be mocked who gives to each one according to one’s sowing work done in the field of their mind.

God hates sin and wants His children to be free from its evil effects because it separates Him and His children. So for all those who sincerely want to please God by freeing themselves from all their sin habits, He gives His precious grace to overcome porn, masturbation and all sexually perverse thoughts through our Lord Jesus Christ. Grace overcomes sin.

If you are fighting against sexual sin, you are doing fine in your christian life. Don’t give up, God’s grace will soon come even though you might be feeling that you cannot overcome forever from its clutches.

God is allowing the force of evil to test you in order to see your sincerity and your dependence on Him, He will make you fight until you give up depending on your own strength, and finally come to the state where you desperately acknowledge that it is by God’s strength that you stand.

For those of His children who have poorly chosen to self prostitute themselves through pornography are in grave danger of destroying the heavenly soul life that God has given them all to enjoy in this life through building their self and their family life.

Porn addiction, as it progresses, commonly does lead to a physical act with a real person as Jesus said that the root of sexual sin starts in lusting after a woman which is spiritual adultery that most of the time ends physically as it progresses. Porn destroys marriage which is the very fabric of joy and peace in life.

So beware of Satan’s strategy to kill, steal and destroy all the good and God things in your life, fight the real fight of faith to live always in the blessed zone of abundant overcoming life that Jesus gives to all of God’s children.

If Jesus sets you free from pornography, you will be free indeed! So keep fighting against all sexual lusts until you finally receive supernatural victory over it spiritually. Slay sin before it one day slays you totally.

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