No Room for Christ at the Inn

Dec 28, 2020 Inn, US Blog

❤️ “No Room for Christ in the Inn”
Luke 2:7

😇 “This happened in a public place, with other travellers and residents. “Men were trafficking, and little children playing, and woman gossiping beside the well – and lo! The kingdom of heaven was among them.” (Morrison)

“That there was no room in the inn was symbolic of what was to happen to Jesus. The only place where there was room for him was on a cross.” (Barclay)

🙇‍♀️ The problem of “no room” is symbolic of the problem that man has faced since Jesus was born. Most of mankind, throughout history, has had “no room” for the Lord Jesus Christ.

People have no room for Christ because they are full of themselves, full of their own will, full of their own cares, and full of their own sinfulness. They feel they have no time or no need for the Lord.

People may deny Christ and scorn Him. Yet, every time they write the date of the year, they are giving a witness to the fact of His birth. Truly His birth was the most important and famous of all births.

🙇‍♂️ Yes, God wants access to us. He wants to come into our heart and fellowship with us through His Spirit. Few people, including some Christians, open the doors of their hearts to walk with God and have daily fellowship with Christ because they are seeking satisfaction in other areas.

They are filled with other trivial things. Let me ask, “Have you crowded the Lord out of your life❓ Do you spend any time with Him❓ Do you really have a close relationship with Him❓ Are you accessible to the Lord❓ This is His plea and challenge to us all through the scriptures (Bible).
~ Mattoon

“You are not of the world, even as Christ is not of the world.”

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