My Trip to Bombay India (Mumbai 2018) with my Son Neville

Dec 20, 2019 India Blog, Trip, YMCA

This is a Video of my Trip to Bombay (Mumbai) in 2018. I hadn’t seen my sister in the last 10 years, and I was able to spend 11 months with her. At the Bombay YMCA, I met some wonderful pastors, who invited me to preach in their churches, and give my Testimony.

The Christians in Bombay and the various Churches in Bombay, were simply awesome. I was so grateful to God that He gave me this beautiful opportunity to minister in India.

I met a number of Pastors at the downtown YMCA, and a majority of them invited me to their churches, to preach and teach. I was also involved in Home Cell Groups, and Prayer meetings in Bombay.

Also became a member of Gideon’s ministry, and helped distribute New Testament Gideon’s Bibles to hundreds of people in Mumbai. This included Taxi Drivers, Uber and Ola Drivers, etc.

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