My Shoe Shine Miracle 2 Years ago on the streets of Bombay!

May 3, 2020 India Blog

I was walking on the sidewalk, from Sterling Cinema theatre, (where my nephew works) to the Kotak Bank, on P.M. Road. This was more out of necessity than any desire on my part.

Let me explain – Taxi Driver’s are loathe to drive short distances, as they don’t make much of a profit. The sweltering heat, and the afternoon sun, we’re almost intolerable. So reluctantly I decided to walk it to the bank.

I was slowly meandering towards my destination, when lo and behold I noticed shoe shine guys on the pavement, and even as I was walking, I made a mental note, to get my shoes shined, because I hadn’t had them shined by these guys in a long time.

As I was walking my eyes strangely came in contact with this old man, with a bekoning look on his face. I just had to stop for one. He cheerfully reminded me that it would only cost me Rs. 20 (roughly 30 cents).

As he was shining my shoes, I was wondering how this old chap was surviving on only a few shoe shines a day. I was strangely compelled to share my testimony about how Jesus had transformed my life, and I urged him to trust in him.

I payed him Rs. 50 which seemed like a big Bonanza to him, and he was instantly beaming from ear to ear.(I had made his day!). I told him that he could probably get a Bible in Tamil, just a few steps away from the Bible Society Shop.

I began to quickly walk away ( before I would start weeping) and the holy spirit started dealing with me, nudging me to have done some more. I turned back and bought him a New Testament Bible in Tamil, walked up to him and gave it. I urged him to read it.

This afternoon almost a week later, ran into him on my way to the bank. I noticed a strange glow about him. He immediately recognised me, and wanted to touch my feet and kinda worship me.

I just grabbed his hand and prayed the Good Lord would fill him with his Holy Spirit.Wonder if one day I will meet him in Heaven, and he would tell me how he was gloriously saved and delivered out of poverty! O, what a glorious day that would be!

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