My Prayer for Speaking Rightly

Apr 12, 2021 Speaking, US Blog

Via Pastor Sameer Samaya
When two or three agree in one accord and pray, the omniscient God is already there to answer your prayers and grant deliverance. Hence, in your time of need, we are here to uphold you in prayers and ultimately it is Lord Jesus the healer, who performs outstanding miracles . . . . . .

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Courage to Speak the Truth. Daniel 4:1-27 Dear friends in Christ. Why is it so easy to lie? Telling a falsehood is something we all did as children, but lying can trip up even longtime Christians. The underlying motive for giving in to deception is usually a desire to protect ourselves in some way.

We lie to get out of trouble, to avoid an unwanted situation, to profit financially, to receive acceptance, to bolster our image, to hide our flaws, or for other self-serving reasons.

When Nebuchadnezzar had an alarming dream, the Lord gave Daniel the interpretation: The king was going to become insane and live like a wild animal for “seven periods of time.” At that moment, Daniel had to decide whether he would tell the king the truth or conceal it.

In those days, giving a king a bad report could cost the messenger his life. Yet despite the danger, Daniel held to his convictions and delivered the Lord’s message to Nebuchadnezzar.

Here’s why Daniel could speak the truth in the face of danger: He trusted God. Since he was doing exactly what the Lord wanted, he wasn’t frightened into compromise. Obedience to God is worth far more than anything we could gain from speaking lies or doctoring the truth in an effort to stay safe.

Are you willing to commit to speaking truth even when it’s costly? Altering income tax information, falsely enhancing your image on social media, or ignoring a miscalculation in your favor on a receipt isn’t worth the loss of character that comes with deception. Seeking to please the Lord and letting Him handle the consequences will always be the best course of action……………..With much love & prayers …………….In Jesus matchless name Amen . . . . . . !

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