Monkey Trappers in Africa catching their prey!

Aug 10, 2020 Traps, US Blog

Monkey trappers in Africa have a clever method of catching their prey. A number of gourds are filled with nuts (monkey treats) and firmly fastened to a branch of a tree.

Each has a hole just large enough for the unwary monkey to stick his fore paw into it. When the hungry animal discovers this, he quickly grasps a handful of nuts, but the hole is too small for him to withdraw his clenched fist.

And he doesn’t have enough sense to open up his hand and let go in order to escape, so he is easily taken captive. Too often we get these certain things in our lives that we just don’t want to let go of.

We think that it’s these certain “nuts and berries” that really make life worth living. Yet it’s these very things that keep us captive. If we’d just let go, we could be free.

There’s only one thing to hold on to, our loving relationship with Jesus. Can you truly say, “The Lord is My (Husband) Everything” ? 👼-Rich Cathers

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