Lord we need The Fire of the Holy Ghost

Jan 9, 2021 Fire, Holy Ghost, US Blog

Fire is one of the symbols of the Holy Spirit in the Bible. What is it about the Holy Spirit that makes it like fire? Fire penetrates and changes whatever it touches. It gets down to the bottom of everything.

When you are baptized and immersed and controlled by the Holy Spirit, he gets down to the real deal inside us. All excuses and lies we tell ourselves; all pretense, all phoniness; all those instances when Christians say, “Hi,” to someone while secretly harboring animosity— all of it is burned away.

The Holy Spirit penetrates; humbles; burns up pride and everything that’s junk and carnal. The Holy Spirit goes right to it like a bullet, and it changes things; it gets us to realize the shortness of life; and it gets our eyes on Jesus. It totally transforms a life.

When the Holy Spirit came on Paul, it changed Paul from a persecutor of the church to a mighty apostle. Peter was a denier, and he was scared; but when Holy Spirit came on him, he was full of boldness.

A lot of us want to serve God, we want to be more like Jesus; but we think somehow that by introspection and getting counseling from someone or trying harder or reading a new spiritual book or getting a new Bible translation, it’s going to change us.

But the Holy Spirit is the one whom Jesus has sent to change us. If anyone is in Christ he is a new creation. Why? Because the Spirit is in them! I’ve tried to change myself and rectify my faults; and all of us see things that are in us in the flesh; and we try to get rid of this and that.

We see, perhaps, lack of compassion, and other weaknesses. And we’re looking, and we’re picking up this, and we’ve got to remove that; and we sometimes, think, “Praise God, I’ve gotten better here”; but then we realize, “Oh no, here’s another thing I have to remove!”

Even graces we have are many times mixed with pride… Do you know the best thing you can do? Just light a match and light a fire and let the fire burn everything out! This is the most needed thing for me, and for you and for every church, in 2021

By Pastor Jim Cymbala

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