I’m really not that old and other funny stories I wouldn’t tell anyone!!

Apr 14, 2020 US Blog

This reminds me of a funny story!!!.

It was my first semester at Washington University, as a student in Electrical Engineering, and I was barely scraping by (financially) and sharing a one room efficiency apartment with my roommate friend, paying my tuition for graduate school.

I was already getting tired of trying to bum rides from my other friends, to buy groceries every week. So I made a bold decision to buy a used car.I confided my need to my friend Bill at school and he said he would be glad to help me find one. He inquired how much of my budget I could spend for the car? So quite sheepishly I told him about a Hundred Dollars!!He burst out laughing and said something like it would be hard to find a shopping cart for that amount!

Nevertheless he was a real sport, and said he would try.Next thing I know, he said he personally knew an old guy who was a mechanic, who would let me have a 1969 Chevy Corvair for that price, that was in pretty good running condition! That very same evening I saw the car. It was love at first sight! So I bought the car!!

I was so excited about my first set of wheels that I forgot to get more gas, drove the car straight to Wash U, and it ran out of gas right in the Parking Lot!! Well so much for that!!.

I had to walk a couple blocks till I found a gas station, and the guy let me borrow his gas can and I bought me a couple of gallons of gas. I walked back proud holding my gas can.

When I reached my car, I walked all around the car trying to find the gas cap. I searched all over and couldn’t find the gas cap on either side. I even opened the trunk, to see if these Yanks had maybe hidden it in the trunk. But no such luck! Here I was a Graduate student with a gas can in his hand, not knowing where to put it in

I finally mustered up enough courage to stop another student, and ask him that question. I was feeling like a total idiot at this point. “Let me see, mister, you have a car, you have gas, you have a gas can and…… you don’t know where to put it?” Here bend over

He walks to the back of the car, and pulls down the license plate, and says heeere!! And started walking away. I almost swear he said under his breath “you dumb foreigner!!” Please do not forward this to your friend!

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