I Will Carry You

Jun 14, 2020 Light, Smooth, US Blog

I Will Carry You

🌞 🦅 🔥 🐮 🦁 Whispers …

💫 *I will carry you* When you are weary and cannot seem to find a way to connect to my presence, reach for me, and I will carry you. When all you can do is bow low and whisper with faint surrender, I am there. I never dismiss your cries for help.

I hear every movement of your heart toward me. I’m here, beloved. Lean back into my arms and give me every care, every worry, all of your pain. I am here, and I will continue to carry you in my presence.

*In your weakness, I am strong*. I don’t fault you for being affected by these trials that have sought to destroy you. Instead, I smother your weakness with my strength and draw you near. I hold hope in my hands and will massage it ever so gently into your heart.

In my presence, you will find relief. In my arms, you will find comfort. *I will pour out my love so profusely, you will be consumed with peace again*. I will carry you beyond the threshold of pain into a beautiful place of victory.

– Brian Simmons and G Rodriguez
💖 *Stay Blessed My Friend* 😊 🌹

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