Expect Delays – We Can Make Our Plans But The Lord Determines Our Steps

Mar 10, 2022 Delays, US Blog

*Expect Delays*

Are you kidding me ? I was already late. But the road sign ahead instructed me to adjust my expectations: “Expect Delays,” it announced. Traffic was slowing down. I had to laugh: I expect things to work on my ideal timeline; I don’t expect road construction.

On a spiritual level, few of us plan for crises that slow us down or reroute our lives. Yet, if I think about it, I can recall many times when circumstances redirected me — in big ways and small. Delays happen. King Solomon never saw a sign that said, “Expect Delays.”

But in Proverbs, he does contrast our plans with God’s providential guidance. He wrote : _“Mortals make elaborate plans, but God has the last word.”_ Solomon restates that idea, where he adds that _even though we “plan our course . . . the Lord establishes our steps.”_ In other words, we have ideas about what’s supposed to happen, but sometimes God has another path for us.

How do I lose track of this spiritual truth ? I make my plans, sometimes forgetting to ask Him what His plans are. I get frustrated when interruptions interfere. But in place of that worrying, we could, as Solomon teaches, “grow in simply trusting that God guides us, step-by-step, as we meditate to seek Him, await His leading, and – yes – allow Him to continually redirect us”. – Adam R. Holz_

I know not what the day may bring. Tomorrow waits unknown; But this I know, the changeless God, My Lord, is on His throne_. — Anon.*Our unknown future is safe in the hands of the all-knowing God. Trade anxiety for trust. God will guide your way.*

Stay Blessed My Friend

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