Christ Our Eternal High Priest

Dec 22, 2020 High Priest, US Blog

Jesus is our eternal High Priest. ⁠⁠”His sacrifice is superior. His covenant is superior. His mediation is superior. It’s based not on the blood of bulls and goats, but on His own blood.

It’s needed only once to offer propitiation for the sins of mankind. ⁠⁠I know it might feel like we can just saunter up to God whenever we want, for whatever we want, in whatever way we want.

But that’s not how it works. We’ve been invited into the presence of God on the basis of one thing only: the perfect and superior intercession of our High Priest. ⁠⁠Jesus didn’t have to make a way for us, but He chose to make a way for us.

And He is still making a way for us and will continue to do so forever. We will not enter heaven one day because of anything we have done or will do, but only because of the faithful and unceasing ministry of Christ Jesus, our High Priest. ⁠⁠

So you see, the position of high priest is still very much in effect today. It’s not an ancient institution, but a present reality. O praise the LORD that He saw fit to offer a more perfect way through which we can draw near to God (Heb. 7:19)! ⁠⁠

For when the powers of hell accuse me, when holiness escapes me, when habits overwhelm me, and the heaviness of guilt assaults me, therein is Jesus my High Priest intervening: No, she stands, because He is forever and always with me.”⁠⁠— Stacey Salsbery ⁠

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