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Bombay-based Aarohi Pandit is world’s first woman to fly solo across Atlantic Ocean

Arohi Pandit 23, from Mumbai, set a World Record as the World’s first woman to fly Solo across the Atlantic and the Pacific Occean, in a Light Sport Aircraft. Her aircraft is a single engine Sinus 912 plane, and is the first LSA registered by India‚Äôs Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

She is also the First Woman Pilot to successfully complete a solo flight across the Greenland ice cap in an LSA. Pandit embarked on the expedition with fellow pilot Keithair Misquitta in July 2018. They flew across Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat in India, before crossing over Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Serbia, Slovenia, Germany, France and the UK.

She went through a rigorous 7 month training program to prepare for the expedition. She trained for extreme weather, oceanic and high-altitude flying along with various physical and mental exercises to ready herself for flying solo over difficult terrain and in tough conditions.