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God’s Faithful Love For You Will Remain!

💫 ❤ God Fights For Us 💖

🌞 A Colorado mother proved she would stop at nothing to protect her child. Her five-year-old son was playing outside when she heard him screaming. She rushed outside and, to her horror, saw that her son had an unexpected “playmate”— a mountain lion.

The large cat was on top of her son, with his head in its mouth. The mother summoned her inner mamma grizzly to fight off the lion and pry open its jaws to rescue her son. This mother’s heroic actions remind us of how motherhood is used in Scripture to illustrate God’s tenacious love and protection for His children.

🙇‍♀🙇‍♀ Yes, in scriptures we often read – God tenderly cared for and comforted His people as a mother eagle cares for her young. Also, like a mother who could never forget a nursing child with whom she had built an inseparable bond, God would never forget His people nor forever withhold compassion from them.

Finally, like a mother bird offering protective cover under her wings for baby birds, God would “cover His people with his feathers” and “his faithfulness would be their shield and rampart.”

🙇‍♂ Sometimes we feel alone, forgotten, and trapped in the grip of all kinds of spiritual predators. May God help us remember that He compassionately cares, comforts, and fights for us. — Marvin Williams

🙏 Heavenly Father, as baby birds find protection under their mother’s wings, may I find refuge under the shield of Your faithfulness.

To know the faithfulness of god is to know the peace of god.

🎊 Stay Blessed My Friend   😊 🌹