Most people believe they are pretty good. So are you a good person?

Apr 30, 2020 India Blog, Repentance, Savation

No one is good enough to go to heaven. All of us deserve to go to hell. But what God did was amazing in that we don’t have to get what we deserve (hell), and we also can have what we don’t deserve (heaven).

Around 2,000 years ago, God gave us His Son, who lived a perfect life. He was mistreated by evil people around Him, and He went to court and was punished for things He did not do. But when He went to court, and was punished for the things He did not do, He did it for us, so that we would not have to be punished for our sins.

Of course, we might have a good understanding of what Jesus did when He died on the Cross to take the punishment for our sins, but if we have never responded to God by repenting of our sins, and putting our trust in Jesus Christ as our sin bearer, it will do us no good.

We have to respond to God and the message of the Gospel. We must turn to God and be forgiven of our sins.

We commit sins every time we break God’s Commandments. God will punish every sin we have committed. When we die and stand before God, we will see our sins. If we die in our sins, we will go to hell to be eternally punished. That is bad news…

But the Good News is that Jesus died to take the punishment for our sins. He was buried in a tomb and on the third day he arose from the dead.

He is alive today and will return to the world to collect those who belong to Him.

All others will be left behind. All those who have died already, who are in Christ will be raised from the dead and will go to be with the Lord.

The ones left behind will await God’s judgment and will be cast into the Lake of Fire forever. On That Day, Jesus will either be your Advocate, or He will be your Adversary. Which one will He be for you?

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