A Lesson From The Oak Tree!

Jul 4, 2022 Lesson, US Blog


Have you ever noticed that in winter some oak trees retain crisp, dry leaves long after the maples, the elms, and the walnuts have become bare skeletons ?

Even the strong winter winds and the early spring rains do not strip the oak branches completely. But as springtime progresses, something wonderful happens.

Tiny little buds start appearing at the tips of the twigs, pushing off the dried remnants of the preceding season. “What the winds and rain could not do from without, the forces of new life do from within.”

At times, old habits cling to our lives with the same tenacity as those oak leaves. Even the winds of trial and suffering do not remove all the lifeless leftovers of our fallen human nature.

But God, who dwells in our hearts by the Holy Spirit, is at work. “His life within us continually seeks to push off the old habits, renewing us when we confess our weaknesses (sins), steadying us when we falter, and strengthening us to do His will.”

When every effort to cast off an old sinful habit ends in failure, remember the mighty oak. Thank God for His Spirit who lives in you. “Keep saying yes to His gentle urging to be kind, loving, honest, strong, and faithful. He’ll push off those “lifeless old leaves.”” — Dennis J. De Haan_

When stubborn sins tenaciously hold to their former place, We must rely on His strength and His unfailing grace. — Spurgeon “The best way to get rid of a bad habit is to start a good habit — rely on God.”

Stay Blessed My Friend!

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