A 30 Year Old Vegetable Vendor Rescues A Baby From Trash

Nov 1, 2020 India Blog, Transformation

A real life story that happened in Tinsukia District, Assam…A vegetable seller, Soberan, was coming home, pushing his vegetable thela.

He heard a baby crying in the bushes. Soberan went near the bush and saw an infant lying on the heap of garbage, crying. Soberane looked around, waited a while and when no one appeared, lifted her in the lap.

It was a baby girl. Soberan brought her home. Soberan was 30 years old at that time and was unmarried. He was very happy and decided to raise the child single-handedly. He named the girl, Jyoti!!

Soberan worked hard day and night and did not let her feel the lack of anything. He sent her to school and did everything he could to fulfill her needs. Even if he had to remain hungry, he never let his daughter fall short of anything.

Years passed by….. And Jyoti graduated in Computer Science in 2013. She started preparing for competitive exams. In 2014, Jyoti performed brilliantly in the examination conducted by the Assam Public Service Commission and was appointed the Assistant Income Tax Commissioner!!!

Soberan’s eyes welled with tears on seeing his daughter fulfilling her dream. Presently, Jyoti is taking good care of her father and is fulfilling all his wishes. Even though she insists on him relaxing, her father still runs the vegetable vendor trade.

Soberan says,”I did not pick a girl from garbage; I got a diamond from a coal mine. She has filled my life with divine light.” That’s Soberan & his daughter, Assistant Commissioner Jyoti!

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