Fill Up on Scripture, even on a few bites at a time

Mar 6, 2023 Scripture, US Blog

“You have opportunities in this current season to consume God’s Word. You have moments today where you can turn to Scripture and allow it to reorient the rest of your day.

The question isn’t whether or not God will provide—He’s already given you His Word. The question is if you’ll find a few moments to eat and to remember the One whose hand it comes from.

Imagine a montage of the different places the Israelites ate throughout 40 years. Picture a map with a wafer at every point where they went out to gather what they needed to survive.

You may not be able to map out what the rest of this year (or this week) will look like, but imagine a map of all the places you could consume Scripture:What if you could look back months from now and find a trail of wafers leading from your bed to your baby’s nursery, where you returned to reread the same chapter every night?

What if there was a marker on every waiting room chair to represent all the times you read parts of the Gospels before seeing a doctor? What if there was one wafer inside each of your shoes, for all the afternoons you laced them up, went on a walk, and listened to an audio version of God’s Word?

For the Israelites, not every meal was memorable. But if they had gone without eating, they never would have made it through the desert—and neither will we.

When you fill up on Scripture, even when it’s only a few bites at a time, you are more prepared to embrace your circumstances and face whatever comes next.

The Israelites moved on from manna eventually. When they arrived in the Promised Land, they discovered ‘a land of wheat, barley, vines, figs, and pomegranates; a land of olive oil and honey’ (Deut. 8:8), and they no longer needed the meals that sustained them in the desert.

Eventually, you’ll move on, too. You’ll have more time or more capacity for bigger meals, more time you can spend in God’s Word. For now, snack on Scripture: standing up, sitting down, in the middle of the night, or on the move. Later, you can linger at the table. For now, keep eating, one bite at a time—and may even the smallest handful of truth be a feast for your soul.”— Katie Laitkep

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